Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Beautiful Summer Sunset

A beautiful sunset from our deck...looking across the cove to the Chesapeake...a new show of lights every night.

Boating on the Cove

This summer we got a jon boat with a 6hp motor. After earning his boating license Billy went for a spin out to the creek. What fun!

Fresh Crawfish for Dinner with Blueberry Pie for Dessert

Last year we made the trek for blueberries and the crawfish farm (right down the road) too late for the crawfish, but boy were the blueberries good! This year we made sure to go before the end of the season. For $12 we had enough fresh crawfish to feed the whole hungry crew.

Fresh Fare

We made a most enjoyable trip to the U-Pick orchard in Hacksneck after one of visitors reported picking 5 pounds of luscious blueberries and baking a pie. All of us enjoyed picking and quickly had enough for pies, turnovers and ice cream topping. The peaches were nearly ready and the apples will be really good in the Fall.