Saturday, February 6, 2010

New at Runaway

These beautiful photos of the Fall sunset from the deck were taken by Runaway guests in 2009.
We strive to continue to improve Runaway and your vacation experience. We have recently added a beautiful hand crafted fire pit with cut outs of seahorses, shells and more so that as the embers glow you can enjoy the unique beauty of this artisan creation. We’ve also added a propane steamer/fryer with two stainless pots and baskets so that you can steam or fry you fresh seafood and vegetables outdoors on the deck if you like (pictured above) to make your time outdoors even better.
There's a new stereo docking station for your iPod and  a new larger patio table on the deck. Our guests have commented very favorably on the quality and comfort of the beds at Runaway, so we've added a dual control Comfortair bed in the master bedroom.  We've also added a queen sized bed in the bunkroom in addition to the twin to provide more flexibility in sleeping arrangements.
Debbie has also been working away in the garden to add some new plants that should begin to bloom this year and has found some great Pangia organic bath products that will await you this year. Thanks to the feedback of our guests, we also added the ability to send invoices and accept payments electronically by credit card during the 2009 season.
As our previous guests know, we value your feedback, so if there are other amenities that you think would improve Runaway, please let us know. Thanks to feedback from one of our guests last year, we added additional flatware so that the dishwasher wouldn’t have to be run as often and added a coffee table in the family room so that it would be easier to play cards and board games there. Several guests commented about how much they liked the local book “Off Route 13” so we’ve also found several other local books that we know you’ll enjoy.
We are proud of the 5-star guest reviews that we have received on our and listings for Runaway and are pleased to continue to be members of the Eastern SHore Chamber of Commerce. Advertises on Super Bowl

One of our favorite sources for advertising is bringing back the Griswolds in a Super Bowl commercial advertising as the source for by-owner vacation rentals. We can't wait to see the spot.

Sportsman's Paradise - Check Out the Tournaments

In addition to all that Runaway has to offer, don't forget the incredible sport fishing in the Bay and on the Seaside. Bring your own boat or hire a charter. Visit and you will find hunting and fishing seasons for everything you should need. As far as events go, please stay tuned to the community calendar at the Eastern Shore o Virginia of Commerce (we are proud to be members). The Chamber's 4th annual Black Drum World Championship Fishing Tournament is May 14 and 15, 2010. You can register online on the Chamber's web site. Also, keep an eye on the web sites of Chamber members' outfitters Web sites – Chris’ Bait & Tackle, Eastern Shore Outfitters, and Don’s Tackle. Their contact info is in the online member directory as well. They tend to post info about local tournaments they sponsor or assist in organizing. The Northampton County Chamber held a speckled trout tournament last year. Hopefully, they will plan another for this year. Photos of the Marlin and Drum Fishing tournaments are featured above.

In the Fall and Winter months the outfitters can also provide information about hunting, including: wild turkeys, deer, duck and geese.