Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sportsman's Paradise - Check Out the Tournaments

In addition to all that Runaway has to offer, don't forget the incredible sport fishing in the Bay and on the Seaside. Bring your own boat or hire a charter. Visit and you will find hunting and fishing seasons for everything you should need. As far as events go, please stay tuned to the community calendar at the Eastern Shore o Virginia of Commerce (we are proud to be members). The Chamber's 4th annual Black Drum World Championship Fishing Tournament is May 14 and 15, 2010. You can register online on the Chamber's web site. Also, keep an eye on the web sites of Chamber members' outfitters Web sites – Chris’ Bait & Tackle, Eastern Shore Outfitters, and Don’s Tackle. Their contact info is in the online member directory as well. They tend to post info about local tournaments they sponsor or assist in organizing. The Northampton County Chamber held a speckled trout tournament last year. Hopefully, they will plan another for this year. Photos of the Marlin and Drum Fishing tournaments are featured above.

In the Fall and Winter months the outfitters can also provide information about hunting, including: wild turkeys, deer, duck and geese.